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Only keep last month, which is already quite a lot, so that the disk
don’t file up (especially /boot) until disk pressure is implemented.
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# Keep at least n history entry per unit of time if enough of them are present
# The order condition the bucket start and end dates (from most recent to oldest)
gcstartafter: 1
keeplast: 20 # Minimum number of recent states to keep.
# - name: Abitrary name of the bucket
# buckets: Number of buckets over the interval
# bucketlength: Length of each bucket in days
# samplesperbucket: Number of datasets to keep in each bucket
- name: PreviousDay
buckets: 1
bucketlength: 1
samplesperbucket: 3
- name: PreviousWeek
buckets: 5
bucketlength: 1
samplesperbucket: 1
- name: PreviousMonth
buckets: 4
bucketlength: 7
samplesperbucket: 1
# Minimal free space required before taking a snapshot
minfreepoolspace: 20
# Daemon timeout in seconds
timeout: 60