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Live Online Version

Live online version is not available anymore. Static version of the book is available here.

Setup and run the book

Before running any of the following comands, make sure you have all the prerequisites installed.

After installing prerequisites, install the following libraries to a local repository by running the following:

git clone; cd scalaplot
mvn clean install -Dgpg.skip=true; cd ..
git clone; cd htmlgen
mvn clean install -Dgpg.skip=true; cd ..

Clone the repository (1), Initialize sub-modules (wolfe & moro) (2), compile the project (3) and compile wolfe, and publish it to your local ivy repository (4), setup the project specific configuration file (5) and run moro (6).

  1. git clone; cd stat-nlp-book-scala
  2. git submodule update --init --recursive
  3. sbt compile
  4. cd wolfe; sbt compile; sbt publish-local; cd ..
  5. cp moro/conf/application-statnlpbook.conf moro/conf/application.conf
  6. cd moro; git checkout master; sbt run
  7. ln -s $PWD/src/main/moro/figures $PWD/moro/public/figures


  • ignore [error] (wolfe-examples/compile:doc) Scaladoc generation failed when executing step 4
  • step 4 - You may have to delete the wolfe directory in the ivy cache to make sure you get the newest version.
  • step 6 - You might me bugged by your firewall here. Set it to allow the application. This step might take some time depending on your computer performance. Do not panic over warning messages :)
  • for windows users, split the commands at the semi-colon (;) and run them on separate lines. The cmd command equivalent for cp is copy.

Download Data

To download the OHHLA files, execute the following in your stat-nlp-book folder (NOT in the script folder)

./scripts/ j_live
./scripts/ YFA_roots.html
./scripts/ YFA_rakim.html


  • the scripts make use of the wget command for downloading files. If you cannot run the scripts, open them with a text editor and run the command on the command line.
  • for windows users, you first need to instal wget for your windows command line.

Browse the Book

Everytime you want to run the book, you have to go to the stat-nlp-book/moro directory and call sbt run.

Once you have the book running (step 6), proceed to the COMPGI19 entry point here.

Live editing in IntelliJ

You can write code in IntelliJ and access it from moro after you compile it (either through IntelliJ or sbt)

To import the stat-nlp-book project to IntelliJ:

  1. Open IntelliJ
  2. Select Import Project and select the stat-nlp-book directory
  3. Select Import project from external module and SBT under it, and click on OK.
  4. In the next window select auto-import and continue with importing.