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One-Stop Shop for UEFI/BIOS Specifications/Tools Maintained by UEFI.Tech Community UEFI.Tech Icon

Compilation of UEFI/BIOS Related Specifications

Name and Link Latest Version
UEFI Specification 2.7 (Errata A)
UEFI Shell Specification 2.2
UEFI Platform Initialization Specification 1.6
UEFI Platform Initialization Distribution Packaging Specification 1.1
EDK2 Specifications EDK2
ACPI Specification 6.2 (Errata A)
ACPI Specification Changes for Legacy Free September 20, 1999
AGP Specification 3.0
AGP Pro Specification 1.1a
Serial ATA AHCI Specification 1.3.1
APM Specification 1.2
ASF (Alert Standard Format) Specification 2.0
ATA/ATAPI Specification ACS-4 Rev.14
UDF Specification 2.60
ISO 9660 1998(en)
Joliet Filesystem Specification Extensions for Unicode Version 1
El Torito Boot Specification 1.0
BBS Specification 1.01
BIOS32 Specification 0.4
BootSpecificationFile(BSF)Specification 1.0
DASH Specification 1.2.1
BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive Specification Version 3.0. Rev 0.9b
IPMI Specification v2.0 rev. 1.1
JEDEC Specifications Depends on device type
LPC Specification 1.1
Microsoft EFI FAT32 File System Specification 1.03
Microsoft Debug Port Table 2 Specification December 10, 2015
Microsoft OEM Activation Reference OA3.0
Microsoft UEFI firmware requirements 10/05/2017
Microsoft PCI IRQ Routing Table Specification 1.0
Microsoft ACPI system description tables 04/20/2017
Microsoft Simple Boot Flag Specification 2.1
Microsoft WHEA ACPI Table Specification 1.0
Microsoft PE/COFF Specification 8.0
Multiprocessor Specification 1.4
PCI Express Base Specification Rev 4.0, ver 1.0
Rev 4.0, Ver 0.3
PCI Local Bus Specification 3.0
PCI Firmware Specification 3.2
PMM Specification 1.01
Plug and Play BIOS Specification 1.0A
PXE Specification 2.1
Smart Battery Data Specification 1.10
SMASH Specification 2.1.0
SMBIOS Specification 3.2.0
SMBus Specification 3.1
SMBus BIOS Specification 1.0
TCG Server Specification 1.0
TCG Physical Presence Interface Specification 1.30
TCG ACPI Specification 1.2
TCG EFI Protocol Specification Family “2.0”, Level 00, Revision 00.13
TCG PC Client Specific Platform Firmware Profile Specification Family “2.0”, Level 00 Revision 1.03 Version 51
TCG PC Client Platform TPM Profile (PTP) Specification Family 2.0, Revision 1.3 Version 22
TCG PC Client Protection Profile for TPM 2.0 Family 2.0, Level 0, Version 1.0, Revision 1.16
TCG D-RTM Architecture Specification 1.0
TCG PC Client Implementation Spec 1.21
TCG PC Client TPM Interface Specification 1.3
TCG Platform Reset Attack Mitigation Specification 1.0
TCG TPM I2C Interface Specification Family 2.0, Level 00, Revision 1.0
TCG FIPS 140-2 Guidance for TPM 2.0 TPM 2.0 Version 1.0, Revision 1.0
USB Devices Specifications Device Specific
USB Bus Specifications 2.x
XHCI Specification 1.1
Open Virtualization Format Specification 2.1.1

Compilation of UEFI/BIOS Related Tools

Name Latest Version OS Description
RWEverything v1.7 Windows This utility access almost all the computer hardware, including PCI (PCI Express), PCI Index/Data, Memory, Memory Index/Data, I/O Space, I/O Index/Data, Super I/O, Clock Generator, DIMM SPD, SMBus Device, CPU MSR Registers, ATA/ATAPI Identify Data, Disk Read Write, ACPI Tables Dump (include AML decode), Embedded Controller, USB Information, SMBIOS Structures, PCI Option ROMs, MP Configuration Table, E820, EDID and Remote Access. And also a Command Window is provided to access hardware manually. (
(Read Universal)
(Password: 174105371023)
RU offers a toolset which is comparable to RWEverything but without the need to boot into Windows. It is very handy and the UI is neat. (
(Trial version)
2.00.012 Windows ACPIScope is the advanced tool for visualization and debugging of ACPI information from different sources.
(Trial version)
4.00.018 Windows PCIScope is a powerful tool designed to explore, examine and debug PCI subsystem of your computer. It was made to fit the requirements of the most demanding users, especially engineers, programmers and system administrators, and to integrate all advanced functions and tools into one product.
(Trial version)
2.00.012 Windows DMIScope is a powerful tool designed to explore the System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) also known as DMI BIOS.Some implementations of SMBIOS contain vendor specific information. DMIScope gives you the unique possibility to add descriptions of such structures via simple text file.)
MemDump 2.00 DOS The MEMDump utility is designed to dump or copy any part of 4GB linear memory address space under MS-DOS and Windows 9x DOS to a console, text or binary file.You can use MEMDump for dump contents of PCI devices memory located outside of first megabyte, access USB structures, study contents of memory used by memory managers, etc. For proper access to hardware registers, memory can be read with BYTE, WORD or Double WORD granularity. Utility provides transparent access to memory with or without installed memory managers.
CrScreenshotDxe 4 Jan 2016 UEFI This DXE driver tries to register keyboard shortcut (LCtrl + LAlt + F12) handler for all text input devices. The handler tries to find a writable FS, enumerates all GOP-capable video devices, takes screenshots from them and saves the result as PNG files on that writable FS.
UEFITool 0.24.0 Windows, Mac OS X and Linux UEFITool is a cross-platform C++/Qt program for parsing, extracting and modifying UEFI firmware images.It supports parsing of full BIOS images starting with the flash descriptor or any binary files containing UEFI volumes.(
BinWalk 2.1.1 Linux Binwalk can scan firmware images, detect signatures of file systems and file types. It can extract components from firmware image, even in form of compression. It can be used to generate entropy graph of firmware image.(
Chipsec 1.3.6 Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and UEFI shell CHIPSEC is a framework for analyzing the security of PC platforms including hardware, system firmware (BIOS/UEFI), and platform components. It includes a security test suite, tools for accessing various low level interfaces, and forensic capabilities. It can be run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and UEFI shell.
UEFI Firmware Parser 1.6 Python The UEFI firmware parser is a simple module and set of scripts for parsing, extracting, and recreating UEFI firmware volumes. This includes parsing modules for BIOS, OptionROM, Intel ME and other formats too. Please use the example scripts for parsing tutorials.
HWiNFO 5.82
In-depth Hardware Information - From a quick overview unfolding into the depth of all hardware components. Always up-to date supporting latest technologies and standards.
Real-Time System Monitoring - Accurate monitoring of all system components for actual status and failure prediction. Customizable interface with variety of options.
Extensive Reporting - Multiple types of reports, status logging and interfacing with other tools or add-ons.
VisualUefi Apr 4 Windows A project for allowing EDK-II Development with Visual Studio

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