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FONTLOG for FdSymbol
This file provides detailed information on the FdSymbol font family.
This information should be distributed along with the FdSymbol fonts
and any derivative works.
Basic Font Information
FdSymbol is a font of mathematical symbols designed as a companion to
Typotheque's Fedra family, but it might also fit well to other contemporary
FdSymbol is derived from MnSymbol, designed and released into the public
domain by Achim Blumensath.
FdSymbol development is currently hosted on:
17 Mar 2011 (Michael Ummels) FdSymbol version 1.000
- First public release
31 Mar 2011 (Michael Ummels) FdSymbol version 1.001
- Added aleph, beth, daleth and gimel
21 May 2011 (Michael Ummels) FdSymbol version 1.002
- Optimised all glyphs
30 May 2011 (Michael Ummels) FdSymbol version 1.003
- Optimised negation strokes and some other glyphs
27 Aug 2011 (Michael Ummels) FdSymbol version 1.004
- Added many more glyphs and optimised turnstile glyphs
1 Nov 2011 (Michael Ummels) FdSymbol version 1.005
- First release in OpenType format
- Added sans-serif variants of large operators
2 Nov 2011 (Michael Ummels) FdSymbol version 1.006
- Fixed unsmooth curve in summation sign
6 Nov 2011 (Michael Ummels) FdSymbol version 1.007
- Modified integral sign
26 May 2012 (Michael Ummels) FdSymbol version 1.008
- Added vertically centered radicals
(Here is where contributors can be acknowledged. If you make modifications be sure to add your name (N), email (E), web-address (W) and description (D). This list is sorted by last name in alphabetical order.)
N: Michael Ummels
D: Original Designer