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#!/bin/csh -fb
if ! $?UMPLEROOT then
setenv UMPLEROOT ~/umple
echo Building Umple User manual at $UMPLEROOT
cd $UMPLEROOT/build
ant -Dmyenv=local -f build.umple.xml packageDocs
cd $UMPLEROOT/dist/cruise.umple/reference
echo Ensuring syntaxhighlighter is present - it sometimes gets deleted
ln -s ../../../umplewww/syntaxhighlighter .
echo Ensuring example images are present - they sometimes get deleted
ln -s ../../../umplewww/examples .
if (! -e ~/umple/umplewww/examples/airline.png) then
echo need to restore examples in cd ~/umple
echo first yes pipe rm -r umplewww
echo either svn update
echo or unzip
echo To open user manual open $UMPLEROOT/dist/cruise.umple/reference/ClassDefinition.html