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Fraunces Font Project

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Fraunces is a display, "Old Style" soft-serif typeface inspired by the mannerisms of early 20th century typefaces such as Windsor, Souvenir, and the Cooper Series.

This typeface family is still under development, and will be coming soon to Google Fonts.

Variable Axes

Fraunces has the following axes:

Axis Tag Range Default Description
Optical Size opsz 9pt to 144pt 144pt Labeled 9pt, 72pt, and 144pt in instances.
Weight wght 100 to 900 900 Labeled Thin, Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, and Black in instances.
Softness SOFT 000 to 100 100 Labeled Sharp, Soft, and SuperSoft in instances.
Wonky WONK 0 to 1 1 Binary axis controls substitution of "wonky" characters. Automatically substitutes when opsz > 18. Not listed in instances.

Axis Definitions

opsz (Optical Size) Axis

The opsz axis ties together changes in contrast, x-height, spacing, and character widths. As opsz decreases, the x-height increases, spacing opens up, and the characters expand in width.

Additionally, mapping of axis values is placed in the AVAR table to create non-linear interpolation in the Variable font.

Many of the peculiar, wonky characteristics that are suitable for display usage are less desirable for more continuous reading. At certain smaller optical sizes (18px and less), the wonk axis is disabled (see below).

alt text

wght (Weight) Axis

The wght axis spans Thin to Black. Nuff said.

alt text

SOFT (Softness) Axis

The SOFT axis gives access to the softer, rounded forms that are available towards the Optical Min, but still retaining other Optical Sizing considerations, such as change in character width, spacing, tall ascenders, and shorter x-height

alt text

WONK (Wonky) Axis

A binary axis that subsitutes wonk characters for more normalized characters, such as the leaning n/m/h in Roman, or the bulbous flags in the b/d/h/k/l of the Italic. In OTF or TTF instances, this can be implemented as an OpenType Stylistic Set.

alt text

Building the Fonts

From terminal, run the build script at sources/ Fonts output to fonts/.

NOTE: The first time you build, you will need to set up a virtual environment and install dependencies:

Setting up the build environment (Click to expand)

Set up the environment

The basics

You will need to open a terminal to run the following commands.

Clone the repo & navigate into it:

git clone
cd Fraunces

Check that you have Python 3:

which python3

It should return a path ending with python3, such as /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/bin/python3. If it returns an error like python3 not found, you will need to download Python 3.

Setting up a virtual environment

To build, set up the virtual environment:

cd ~
python3 -m venv venv

Then activate it:

source venv/bin/activate

Now, install requirements:

cd Fraunces
pip install -U -r requirements.txt

Give the build scripts permission to run/execute (you can copy & paste, then run both lines in the terminal at once):

chmod +x sources/**/*.sh
chmod +x mastering/make-github-release/**/*.sh

Making woff2 files

Finally, you will also need to separately install google/woff2 to enable the woff2_compress and woff2_decompress commands. Open a new terminal session, window, or tab to do this step.

# open a new terminal session first, then run
git clone --recursive
cd woff2
make clean all

To make sure woff2_compress is installed properly, enter the following inyour terminal window:


If terminal cannot find the command, you may need to ensure binaries are in $PATH, a description of which you can find here.

Once woff2_compress is working in your terminal, you can now run the build!

Build fonts

Once you have set up the environment (see above), you can build fonts & prep releases!

When building a new version, add a version number (in the format of 1.001) to update the UFO versions & version the fonts correctly. If you aren’t sure what version you should be building, check the number of the latest release in, then increment by .001. If you leave out the version number, it will just build with the same version number that already exists in the UFO sources.

To build variable and static fonts, plus make woff2s, use This takes awhile (most of the time is taken up by building TTF & OTF static fonts).

sources/ 1.000 # optional: place your desired version number as an argument

If you just want to build variable fonts, use

sources/build-scripts/ 1.000 # optional: place your desired version number as an argument

To build only the static fonts (these are secondary to the variable fonts, so you can’t set the version numbers in this script), use


Production Notes

If you are doing any work on this repo, please read the production notes here.

If you are looking for notes on making GitHub Release packages, see mastering/