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<script type="text/javascript">
// A small script to update the monitoring.jpg image without reloading the page
// Francois Schnell ( ULP Multimedia)
live_picture="monitoring.jpg" //name of your live picture
refresh_interval=2; // number of seconds between each picture refresh
image_width=768 // diplay image width
image_height=576 // display image eight
function wait()
setTimeout("refresh_image()", refresh_interval*1000);
function refresh_image()
document.live_picture.src = live_picture+"?" + Math.random();
// ?+ Math.random() is trick to force the browser to reload the image
<style type="text/css">
<body onLoad="wait()">
<h1> Monitoring image without page reload</h1>
<p>See the variables in the javascript of the webpage to see what you can set:
time interval, height, width </p>
<img src=live_picture width=image_width height=image_height name="live_picture" />
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