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* Initial starting points, config parser and option parsers
* Creation of directories for maildir usage
* Initial creation of file per message (no collision detection or use of
the state directory yet)
* blockquote support
* headings support
* pre support
* added documentation
* change db key to be unique per feed + link url
* add rudimentary entity support
* paragraph wrapping
* message id header
* add both text/plain and text/html parts
* fix typo for a particular entity
* Add a prelimanary todo list
* be slightly more forgiving on connection resets
* if there's no date in the feed, use todays date/time
* Only download feeds that have changed (or that don't give us enough data
to workout if they've changed without downloading it all anyways)
* updated posts are now "threaded" - adds a References header with the
previous message-id in it, then adds the previous message id to the
current message-id so that further updates can reference that properly
* improve handling of unicode data
* add unordered list support
* tidy paragraph handling code to work better
* improved entity handling
* Update TODO list with further escaping needs
* Add item url to html parts
* Add item url to bottom of text only part
* multiple posts with the same link but different guid support - still
threaded, but don't keep delivering the same messages everytime until
they leave the feed
* Add redirect support
* Add unittest for unordered list
* make sure that the string that we use for plain text always ends in a new
line character
* Move some of the list handling above the paragraph handling so that it
doesn't get confused (bless it!)
* Make expected output match actual output, unittest now passes
* Add unit test for some of the badly formed lists that we get after the
feedparser "sanitizer" has a word with the HTML (currently fails)
* serious reworking of the HTML2Text parser
* fix README to have a more complete config example
* stop text width from being hardcoded
* add missing source files for unit tests
* small fix to paragraph handling
* add (first draft of) full test suite runner
* add test for well formed paragraph handling
* update UnorderedListTests to have better test naming scheme
* add suite function to UnorderedListTests
* Serious reworking of HTML2Text to handle nested lists reasonably
* unittests improvements
* Update list handling code to deal with nested lists better and badly
formed html
* Handle unicode data more effectively.
* beginning of link support in HTML2Text
* Change all entity refs in to unicode strings
* Update <br> handling to be more effective
* Ignore unknown tags and just pretend they're part of the flow
* Add <img> support (very basic!)
* Fix bad check on state directory
* Begin fixes to list handling code
* Small Unicode fix for img tags.
* change images to ReST format
* Normalise spaces where they should be.
* fix ReST image support
* add lots of entities