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Upside Down Labs

Awesome OpenSource DIY Neurosience hardware & software!


  1. BioAmp-EXG-Pill BioAmp-EXG-Pill Public

    BioAmp EXG Pill is a small and elegant Analog Front End (AFE) board for BioPotential signal acquisition.

    HTML 236 54

  2. BioAmp-v1.5 BioAmp-v1.5 Public

    Upside Down Lab's Biopotential Amplifier v1.5 - Buy on Tindie at

    HTML 28 10

  3. msptool msptool Public

    MSP430G2xx3 flashing tool supporting Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

    Python 14 2

  4. MSP430-Breadstick MSP430-Breadstick Public

    Texas Instrument MSP430G2553 based development board.

    HTML 14 2

  5. BioSignal-Recorder BioSignal-Recorder Public

    A utility for visualizing and recording Biopotential Signals using Upside Down Labs BioAmp.

    HTML 4 2

  6. MSP430G2553-Feather MSP430G2553-Feather Public

    MSP430G2553 based Adafruit feather compatible board 🪶



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