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phpBB style: we_universal

we_universal is a modern, clean style for phpBB 3.2. It uses principles of flat design and Responsive Web Design technique. Fits great on desktops and various mobile devices. This style is suitable for all kinds of forum communities and it is compatible with all major browsers.

we_universal is built on top of prosilver and uses template + asset inheritance. Custom CSS classes are prefixed with inventea- namespace. The .css is split into separate files corresponding to the prosilver structure.


Copy we_universal/ directory (it should directly contain template/, theme/ and style.cfg) to the styles/ directory from your phpBB installation. Next go to Administration Control Panel, open CUSTOMISE tab, navigate to Install Styles page and click Install style on the list of new styles.

To activate the style go to Board settings from GENERAL tab where you can select new default and guest style.


There are several easy customisations for the theme which may be activated and adjusted in the file theme/customise.css