Keep only compressed logs of installed packages (for Gentoo's portage system)
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(C) Martin Väth <>
This project is under a BSD type license, meaning that you can do almost
anything with it except removing my name.

With Gentoo, it is a good idea to keep the install logs
of all installed packages.
In case something goes wrong, a "grep" in these logs is sometimes very handy.

However, if you set PORT_LOGDIR in your make.conf, you soon have also
thousands of logs of obsolete packages, because each emerge (successful or not)
and also each unmerge (even fast unmerge) produces a logfile.

The purpose of this project is to eliminate all logs except for the
newest installation logs for the actually installed packages;
the used ones are compressed using xz, lzma, bzip2, or gzip,
and selected ones (from /etc/logclean.conf) are even shortened.
Moreover, by default all color sequences are removed.

This script takes care in a similar way about your files in
/var/log/elogs (cf. the ELOG feature of portage) and of your files in
/var/log/notices (cf. the unofficial enotice script).

This script can also cleanup your temporary installation directories in
/var/tmp/portage (do not use this in a cron job if portage might be running).

Finally, this script can also shorten the main portage logfile
/var/log/emerge.log so that only the actually installed packages are logged.
(You might want to keep these for usage with qlop or genlop).

This script is also offers option for a convenient usage from a cron job.

If you have installed app-portage/eix, this script will run slightly faster.

For installation, copy the content of bin/ with executable permission in your
path (perhaps /usr/bin/) and the (possible edited) content of etc/ to /etc/
To obtain support for zsh completion, you can copy the content of zsh/ to a
directory of zsh's $fpath (perhaps /usr/share/zsh/site-functions/).
There is also an ebuild in the mv overlay (which is available by layman).