Print or save the current USE-flag state of the Gentoo portage system and compare with older versions
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(C) Martin Väth <>
This project is under the BSD license.

This is a utility for the Gentoo portage system.
With this perl script you can print or save the current setting of the
USE-Flags or compare with the setting of a saved versions.
This is the most convenient way to keep track of the changes of the
USE-Flags in the portage tree (and of the defaults in your profile).

Since the auto-useflags of use.defaults are practically deprecated,
these files are ignored by this script.

If you have installed app-portage/eix, this script is faster
(with >=eix-0.27.7 considerably faster and more secure).

For installation, copy the content of bin/ with executable permission
in your PATH (perhaps /usr/bin). To obtain support for zsh completion,
you can copy the content of zsh/ to a directory of zsh's $fpath
(perhaps /usr/share/zsh/site-functions/).
There is also an ebuild in the mv overlay (which is available by layman).