Print or save the current USE-flag state of the Gentoo portage system and compare with older versions
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(C) Martin Väth (martin at This project is under the BSD license.

This is a utility for the Gentoo portage system.

With this perl script you can print or save the current setting of the USE flags or compare it with a saved versions. This is the most convenient way to keep track of the changes of the USE flags in the portage tree (and of the defaults in your profile).

Since the auto-useflags of use.defaults are practically deprecated, these files are ignored by this script.

If you have installed app-portage/eix, this script is faster (with eix-0.27.7 or newer even considerably faster and more secure).


For installation, copy the content of bin/ with executable permission in your $PATH (perhaps /usr/bin). To obtain support for zsh completion, you can copy the content of zsh/ to a directory of your zsh's $fpath (perhaps /usr/share/zsh/site-functions/) . There is also an ebuild in the mv overlay (which is available over layman).