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cencode.h - c header for a base64 encoding algorithm
This is part of the libb64 project, and has been placed in the public domain.
For details, see
#ifndef BASE64_CENCODE_H
#define BASE64_CENCODE_H
typedef enum
step_A, step_B, step_C
} base64_encodestep;
typedef struct
base64_encodestep step;
char result;
int stepcount;
} base64_encodestate;
void base64_init_encodestate(base64_encodestate* state_in);
char base64_encode_value(char value_in);
int base64_encode_block(const char* plaintext_in, int length_in, char* code_out, base64_encodestate* state_in);
int base64_encode_blockend(char* code_out, base64_encodestate* state_in);
#endif /* BASE64_CENCODE_H */