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DbLocalizationProvider for EPiServer

What is the LocalizationProvider project?

LocalizationProvider project is Episerver localization provider on steriods.

Giving you main following features:

  • Database driven localization provider for Episerver websites projects
  • Easy resource registrations via code
  • Supports hierarchical resource organization (with help of child classes)
  • Administration UI for editors to change or add new translations for required languages

Getting Started

Working with DbLocalizationProvider

  • For more info about generic localization provider features read more here

Integrating with EPiServer

How to Contribute

It's super cool if you read this section and are interesed how to help the library. Forking and playing around sample application is the fastest way to understand how localization provider is working and how to get started.

Forking and cloning repo is first step you do. Keep in mind that provider is split into couple repositories to keep thigns separated. Additional repos are pulled in as submodules. If you Git client does not support automatic checkout of the submodules, just execute this command at the root of the checkout directory:

git clone --recurse-submodules git://

NB! As EPiServer repository contains 2 level (lib/aspnet and lib/aspnet/lib/localization-provider) submodules --recursive-submodules sometimes fails to detect 2nd level module. Then you can just step into aspnet submodule and execute pull command there:

git submodule foreach git pull origin master

More Info

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