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This Press Kit summarizes our Brand Guidelines (inc. logos) and Information about Valory (e.g. for Press Releases)


Valory Brand Guidelines

The "Valory" name, the Valory logo, the "Olas" and “Propel” brands, and other Valory trademarks, are property of Valory AG (aka Valory), considered Offerings subject to our Terms, meaning you may use them only as described therein.

These guidelines are intended to help our partners, grant recipients, sponsors, customers, developers, consultants, publishers, and any other third parties understand how to use and display our trademarks and copyrighted work in their own assets and materials.



  • Use the Valory logo in articles, blog posts or other media mentions of Valory
  • Use our logo to link to
  • Request written approval to publicly mention an existing relationship between you and Valory, e.g. a partnership, sponsorship, or grant program.
  • Use the specific language used in writing by us regarding the relationship, e.g. 'we have received a grant from Valory' or 'we are sponsoring Valory's event'.

Do not:

  • Use the Valory logo (or part of our logo) in a way that implies Valory’s endorsement or sponsorship of a project, service, product or individual
  • Misrepresent, embellish, or invent a relationship between us and you (for example by implying a partnership where there exists only a grant, or referring to non-finalized agreements). Valory has official partnerships and specific language about these partnerships, as well as non-partnership language guidance. If you are not an official partner, please don’t use “collaborated with,” “worked with,” or “partnered with,” in any form. (See above for accurate language.)
  • Alter the Valory logo in any way, including colors
  • Use the Valory logo pr logomark as part of, or in combination with another logo for any purpose



Logo spacing


Information about Valory & Press Releases

When mentioning our company in your press materials, we kindly ask that you review the following information.

Key information


  • Context: Valory is a research and deployment company at the intersection of crypto and AI. Specifically, the premier creator of open-source frameworks for co-owned AI.
  • Mission: to enable communities, organizations, and countries to co-own AI systems, beginning with decentralized autonomous agents. Read more here.
  • Background: Valory is the VC-backed team of engineers, researchers, and commercial executors that co-founded the Olas DAO^, contributes to the Olas stack, and built the first services using it. Valory is the pioneer of co-owned AI, the expert in decentralized off-chain systems for DAOs. We collaborate with those interested in decentralizing & owning their own apps.
  • Useful links: Website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Github

^Autonolas is now known as Olas, for short.


  • Olas
    • Crypto's ocean of services. The permissionless blockchain protocol for registering, running and securing open-source, decentralized and ownable off-chain services.
    • Olas is live on Ethereum, Gnosis, Polygon, Arbitrum and Solana, with more chains to come…
    • Olas services have generated 350k+ transactions and counting, based on cutting-edge autonomous agent technology.
    • Valory built some of the first off-chain services on the network: Contribute, Governatooorr, Prediction Agents, Mechs, Autonomous Keeper Service,, Price Oracle, APY Oracle, El Collectooorr, and more.
    • There are now 340+ services in the ecosystem, including ones arising from collaborations with Gnosis Chain, Solana, Balancer, Ceramic, DeFi Wonderland, Orbis, Connext, The Keep3r Network, Postmint, Nevermined, Algovera, and Cow Protocol.
  • Open Autonomy
    • Open-source framework for developing decentralized and ownable off-chain services.
  • Propel
    • The fastest way to get a decentralized, off-chain service to market.
    • A subscription service blending human and software services, to suit any organization size.

Media Appearances


Name Role Longer Bio Shorter bio Links
David M CEO David Minarsch led the team which built the first framework for developing Multi Agent Systems in the DLT space. He has founding experience via Entrepreneur First and a PhD in Applied Game Theory from the University of Cambridge. Creator of the first multi-agent systems framework for crypto. PhD Applied Game Theory, University of Cambridge. Twitter LinkedIn
David G CTO David Galindo is a renowned scientist in the field of cryptography. He has served as an Associate Professor of Computer Security at University of Birmingham and holds the world record for number of votes in a live digital voting ballot. Ex-Professor of Cybersecurity, University of Birmingham. Extensively published. Twitter LinkedIn
Oaksprout CPO Oak has been active in a number of DAOs, making significant contributions by developing well-used ecosystem tools, education sites and community building efforts. Prior to crypto, Oak was on the founding team of an education-focused ML startup which exited in 2021. He started his own startup in the self-sovereign data space in 2013, and has a degree in genetics. Established DeFi community contributor and investor. Prev 10+ years in web2 product development Twitter
Gemma Head of Operations Gemma is a serial entrepreneur, selected for Jumpstart’s top 1% of UK early-careerists. She has been founding and consulting for innovative businesses and charities since 2015. As Valory’s first team member and a founding member at Olas, she has established Valory's operations, playing a pivotal role in its wider success. She has a degree in modern languages from the University of Edinburgh. Serial entrepreneur, Jumpstart’s top 1% of UK early-careerists. Prev 8+ years in consulting Twitter LinkedIn

Further Questions

  • If you have any questions not answered here, please reach out to us at


Press Kit summarizing Brand Guidelines (inc. logos) and Information about Valory (e.g. for Press Releases)






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