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Add convenience protocol for enums #112

merged 3 commits into from May 16, 2018
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Just for now

@@ -29,3 +29,54 @@ extension MySQLText: MySQLColumnDefinitionStaticRepresentable {
return .text()

// MARK: Enum
/// This type-alias makes it easy to declare nested enum types for your `MySQLModel`.
/// enum PetType: Int, MySQLEnumType {
/// case cat, dog
/// }
/// `MySQLEnumType` can be used easily with any enum that has a `MySQLType` conforming `RawValue`.
/// You will need to implement custom `ReflectionDecodable` conformance for enums that have non-standard integer
/// values or enums whose `RawValue` is not an integer.
/// enum FavoriteTreat: String, MySQLEnumType {
/// case bone = "b"
/// case tuna = "t"
/// static func reflectDecoded() -> (FavoriteTreat, FavoriteTreat) {
/// return (.bone, .tuna)
/// }
/// }
public protocol MySQLEnumType: MySQLType, ReflectionDecodable, Codable, RawRepresentable where Self.RawValue: MySQLDataConvertible { }

/// Provides a default `MySQLColumnDefinitionStaticRepresentable` implementation where the type is also
/// `RawRepresentable` by a `MySQLColumnDefinitionStaticRepresentable` type.
extension MySQLColumnDefinitionStaticRepresentable where Self: RawRepresentable, Self.RawValue: MySQLColumnDefinitionStaticRepresentable
public static var mySQLColumnDefinition: MySQLColumnDefinition { return RawValue.mySQLColumnDefinition }

/// Provides a default `MySQLDataConvertible` implementation where the type is also
/// `RawRepresentable` by a `MySQLDataConvertible` type.
extension MySQLDataConvertible where Self: RawRepresentable, Self.RawValue: MySQLDataConvertible
/// See `MySQLDataConvertible.convertToMySQLData()`
public func convertToMySQLData() throws -> MySQLData {
return try rawValue.convertToMySQLData()

/// See `MySQLDataConvertible.convertFromMySQLData(_:)`
public static func convertFromMySQLData(_ data: MySQLData) throws -> Self {
guard let extractedCase = try self.init(rawValue: .convertFromMySQLData(data)) else {
throw MySQLError(
identifier: "rawValue",
reason: "Could not create `\(Self.self)` from: \(data)",
source: .capture()
return extractedCase
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