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Vega is a visualization grammar, a declarative format for creating, saving, and sharing interactive visualization designs. This wiki contains documentation and learning materials for getting up and running with Vega.


Vega Documentation

Components of Vega Specifications

Page Description
Visualization Top-level visualization properties.
Data Define and load data to visualize.
Data Transforms Transform data prior to visualization.
Streaming Data Operators and APIs to insert, update, and remove data tuples.
Scales Map data properties to visual properties using scales.
Axes Axes visualize scales for spatial encodings.
Legends Legends visualize scales for color, shape and size encodings.
Marks Visualize data using various graphical marks.
Group Marks A special kind of mark that can contain other marks.
Signals Dynamic variables to drive interactive behaviours.
Expressions Expression language for filters, formulas and signals.
Predicates Deprecated. Conditions (or "selections") to modify mark properties.

Vega API

Page Description
Runtime Deploying and using the browser-based Vega runtime.
Streaming Data Operators and APIs to insert, update, and remove data tuples.
Theme Configuration Configuration properties to define the default look and feel.
Web Embedding Embed interactive views and query widgets into web pages.
Headless Mode Server-side Vega using "headless" rendering.

Tutorials & Examples

Page Description
Getting Started Tutorial A Vega Bar Chart, Deconstructed.
Interactive Tutorials Interactive tutorials for learning Vega.
Debugging Tutorial Step-by-step tutorial of Vega's debugging tools.
Gallery A community curated gallery of Vega visualizations.


Page Description
Vega and D3 On the relationship between Vega and D3.js.
Vega and Browserify Requirements for including Vega in your browserify bundle.
Upgrading to 2.0 Lists the changes made to the specification language in v2.0.
Contribute Some project ideas for anyone interested in improving Vega.

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