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2011.11.23, Version 0.2.3

  • Added --engine, -e option and new sort-group engine. Moved all old engine-specific code into engines/fullgen.js and made it default

  • Sort-group engine - much faster and simplier compilation algorithm. (17 minutes on fullgen for a large template, and 7 seconds on sort-group)

  • Ported code to new ometajs module

  • Optimized code size for client-side usage (removing hanging braces, shorter merge function names, localStart/localEnd => "")

  • Documented most of the source, released docco gh-pages

  • Much better apply optimizations

  • xjst.compile() returns function (see readme)

  • --no-opt - just compile template and locals

  • -u, --uglify - uglify js output

  • --merge, -m - add merge info for client-side template merging

2011.11.3, Version 0.1.5

API Changes:

  • Split ometa into Parser, Translator, Compiler. Parser+Compiler isn't translating locals.

  • Given string as first argument xjst.compile() will return compiled and evaluated version of template

  • Given array (ast-tree) as first argument xjst.compile() will return source code (compatibility mode)

  • New arguments: xjst.compile(source, filename, options).

    filename is used for evaluation (visible in stack traces). options: wrap (default: true) - wrap code into (function(exports){...})() statement. merge (default: false) - adding hash information required for merging templates.

  • Introduce apply keyword: apply() => this.apply(), apply(x = 1) => local(x = 1) this.apply(), apply({ x: 1 }) => local(this.x = 1) this.apply()

Various changes

  • Recursion optimization.
  • Big switches will be split into hashmaps
  • Split parts of code in functions to simplify optimization for v8
  • Use coa for cli
  • Benchmarks and tests