Feed Me is a Craft CMS plugin which makes it easy to import entries and entry data from XML, RSS or ATOM feeds. Feeds can be setup as a task in Craft's CP, or called on-demand for use in your twig templates.
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Feed Me has a new home with the fine folks at Verbb. Read about it in our blog post.

Feed Me Plugin for Craft CMS

Feed Me is a Craft plugin for super-simple importing of content, either once-off or at regular intervals. With support for XML, RSS, ATOM, CSV or JSON feeds, you'll be able to import your content as Entries, Categories, Craft Commerce Products (and variants), and more.


  • Import data from XML, RSS, ATOM, CSV or JSON feeds, local or remote.
  • Import into Entries (Free), Categories, Users, and Commerce Products (Pro only).
  • Feeds are saved to allow easy re-processing on-demand, or to be used in a Cron job.
  • Simple field-mapping interface to match your feed data with your element fields.
  • Duplication handling - control what happens when feeds are processed again.
  • Uses Craft's Queue service to process feeds in the background.
  • Database backups before each feed processing.
  • Troubleshoot feed processing issues with logs.
  • Grab feed data directly from your twig templates.
  • Craft 3.0+ compatible.

Third-party ElementTypes and FieldTypes

Have a third-party ElementType or FieldType? You'll need to install the separate Helper plugin. See the collection of helper plugins via their official repository - https://github.com/verbb/feed-me-helpers.


Visit the Feed Me Plugin page for all documentation, guides, pricing and developer resources.


Get in touch with us via the Feed Me Support page or by creating a Github issue