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v1.7.1 - 1 Aug, 2011 [Fix] Mail button fix for Google+ users. [Fix] Added Sites button for Google Apps users [Fix] Hopefully added the groups button for Google Apps users, can't verify this.

v1.7 - 25 Jul, 2011 [New] Support for Google+ features.

v1.6.3 - 28 Jun, 2011 [Fix] Fixed fullscreen mode.

v1.6.2 - 25 Jun, 2011 [Fix] Fixed a bug caused by an update of Google reader.

v1.6.1 - 22 Mar, 2011 [New] Added blue gradients to menu-items when hovering over them and removed the underline. (Thanks to Ilidio for pointing this out.) [Fix] Added selected starred unread count text color. (For use with my extension "Better Google Reader v0.95") [Fix] Added support for the latest webkit nightlies.

v1.6 [Fix] Fixed the navigation toolbar after google made some changes, and stylized the new elements.

v1.5.1 [Fix] There was a margin-gap in the topbar when in fullscreen mode ('f'), now it's set back to 0 in fullscreen mode.

v1.5 [New] Added Google Apps switcher toolbar buttons. [New] Added support for Austria. (.at)

v1.4.1 [Fix] Fixed a bug where an unseen object related to the multi-account button/link would obscure certain buttons. [New] Added support for Ireland (.ie)

v1.4 [New] Added support for Korea. ( [New] Added support for Spain. (.es) [New] Added support for Taiwan. ( [New] Added support for Russia. (.ru) [New] Added support for Hungaria. (.hu) [New] Added support for Mexico. ( [New] Added support for China. (.ch) [New] Some changes to search results.

v1.3 [New] Stylized the 'you are following ## people' dialog. [New] Stylized the 'People search' results page. [New] Added support for Denmark. (.dk)

v1.2.1 [New] Added support for Canada (.ca). [New] Added support for Australia (

v1.2 - 5 Aug, 2010 [New] Added support for the new Google Multi-account switching. [New] Moved quick feed add button to the right of the dialog. [New] Stylized confirmation dialog. [Fix] Positioned item count a bit to the left. (German reader had issues, dropping partially below the 'details' button.) [Fix] Quick for English UK users not being able to see the 'Help' button. [Fix] People you follow section set back to use auto-height.

v1.1 - 31 Jul, 2010 [Fix] Home and Subscriptions act slightly differently then other tree-view items, so I'm going to use plus/minus instead to make this clear. [New] Restyled the "# new follower" label, and made the Explore/People you follow footers match the general navigation footer.

v1.0 - 17 Jun, 2010. Stable & good looking release! [New] Fixed the add subscription/subscription settings button sizing! It turns out that the setting under 'Preferences > Advanced > Never use font sizes smaller than' was the cause of trouble. I made sure it worked even with that preference turned on. [New] Moved up the keyboard help banner and the settings panel a little higher on the screen. [Fix] When the navigation is hidden, fixed a bug where the add subscription button would be wrongly located. [Fix] Changed the main background so that the navigation will keep the same background color even if you collapse it. [New] Instead of using minus/plus to collapse/expand the top sections, I've set it to use the drop-down triangles like normal treeview items. [New] Also set the navigation drop down icons to little gears. [New] Made the drop down menus black 'widgets' like the Dock's grid view, instead of general white. I think it fits in. [Fix] Use Helvetica instead of Arial as default font. [New] Error messages show white on red. [New] Made it more clear when you're hovering over the navigation collapser by changing the cursor into the direction the navigation will move. Other minor fixes and tidbits.

v0.98 [New] Messages (Like: Marked all as read) show in white on black instead of black on yellow. [New] Added a little dropdown triangle/widget after 'View settings...' to indicate that it shows a menu. [New] Use CSS3 gradients instead of border images for the edit-tag buttons. [Fix] Changes to the Add-subscription and edit-tag text fields. (Rounded corners and shadows.) [Fix] Fixed some display issues with the add/subscription settings buttons when the menu is hidden. Other minor fixes and tidbits.

v0.97 - 14 Jun, 2010 [New] Added to Github. Forgot what else I changed in between...

v0.96 [New] Added a mini icon to 'Explore'. [New] The 'Sharing settings' footer now looks the same as the 'View All Recommendations' footer. [New] Support for .se added.

v0.95 - 11 Jun, 2010

[New] Changed the look of the 'add-subscription' bar to an aqua look, let me know if there are any issues with it. [New] Changed the background color of keyboard-selected sidebar items from bright yellow to slate-blue.

v0.94.1 - 11 Jun, 2010 [New] Add support for .de

v0.94 - 11 Jun, 2010 [New] Add support for .nl, .it, .pl, .fr, domains (unfortunatly it doesn't seem to support a wildcard on this one).

v0.93 - 10 Jun, 2010 [Fix] Fixed an issue with collapsed articles line-height so that there won't be any '...''s below the text.

v0.92 - 10 Jun, 2010 [Fix] Fixed some positioning issues a few browsers seemed to be having, though some still remain for now. [New] Converted some -moz- only settings to -webkit- now that it supports them. (inset shadows) [New] Started adding a hint of CSS3, planning to add more in the future.

v0.91 - 9 Jun, 2010 [New] Add subscription now in a fancy popup-windoid. [Fix] Accidentally broke 'settings' in the last version. [Misc] Other misc. nick-nacks.

v0.9 - 8 Jun, 2010 First release! Fully ported from userscripts to safari extension