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Tom Muylle Lambik Typo (I hope) 1d4a063
Jonb27 Jonb27 Created My Movie Jonb27 (markdown) 2e8b920
Steve Heffernan heff Revert 78269b0efbb207c757bf6c128058808b8d1d5c1f^...78269b0efbb207c757bf6c128058808b8d1d5c1f on Plugins 14f1268
da1nonly da1nonly Updated Plugins (markdown) 78269b0
Matthew Harrison-Jones matthojo Add `videojs-Background` to the community list 8dc5554
Thijs Triemstra thijstriemstra add videojs-record daddf5f
Afterster Afterster Updated Plugins (markdown) 30b4098
Afterster Afterster Updated Plugins (markdown) bc5cf8f
Afterster Afterster Updated Plugins (markdown) 582d40b
Afterster Afterster Updated Plugins (markdown) 7c9b9c8
Afterster Afterster Updated Plugins (markdown) 33ac82b
Afterster Afterster Updated Plugins (markdown) 5336298
Adam Thomas adamscybot Updated Plugins (markdown) 99cca34
Adam Thomas adamscybot Added projectorjs 9d6f031
Afterster Afterster Updated Plugins (markdown) 581538e
spchuang spchuang Updated Plugins (markdown) f57d71e
Julien Bouquillon revolunet Updated Plugins (markdown) d2812b6
Steve Heffernan heff Added contrib plugins eb475f5
Steve Heffernan heff Added videojs-contrib-hls 833a384
Steve Heffernan heff Added videojs-dashjs 12bc3c6
Alex Vasilenko mente added videojs-youtube-progress plugin a7ff227
mister-ben mister-ben Added some tips for asking on SO 1e18462
Carlos Galan Cladera cladera Fixes plugin addition 2932c00
Carlos Galan Cladera cladera Adds videojs-offset plugin. 4f6cf97
Andrew Kos kand Updated Plugins (markdown) 955ad35
walsh9 walsh9 Updated Plugins (markdown) 97cf25c
Chris ctd1500 Hotkeys isn't a playback tech plugin. bae008a
Matthew McClure mmcc Added wavesurfer plugin. 455d197
Danilo Figueiredo grifotv Make "Create a new issue" a link 44ae4bd
Philip Giuliani philipgiuliani Old plugin from benjipott isn't supported anymore. 271daed
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