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<h3>Deploy the app</h3>
<p>Do the following to deploy the app on your server:</p>
<li>Unzip the downloaded app.</li>
<li>Deploy it on your web server.</li>
<li>Browse to the directory where the app from step 2 is locally hosted and open the app <strong>config.json</strong> file.</li>
<li>Add a proxy to your app. Refer to <a
href="">Use proxy</a> for details. <br>
<i>*Important: Make sure that the proxy applied to your app works as expected. The map or widgets might fail if the proxy is set inappropriately.</i></li>
<li>Add and register the app. Refer to <a href=""> Add apps </a> and <a href="">Register your app </a> for details.</li>
<li>Copy and paste the AppID to the appId property in the <strong>config.json</strong> file. <br>
<i>Note: Skip step 5 and 6 if the app connects to a web-tire authenticated portal.</i></li>
<li>Save the <strong>config.json</strong> file. </li>
<li>View the locally hosted app in your browser.</li>
<h3>Customize the app</h3>
<p>Use the <a href="">Import</a> function in <a href="">Developer Edition</a> to import the downloaded ZIP file, then customize it in the builder.</p>
<p>Optionally, do the following to customize the application by editing JSON files directly:</p>
<li>Add custom widgets
<li>Put your custom widget in the <strong>widgets</strong> folder.</li>
<li>Add widget into the app's <strong>config.json</strong>.<br>
The example below uses the Demo widget. Add it into the <strong>config.json</strong> file<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"uri": "widgets/Demo/Widget"<br>
<li>Configure the app and widgets. Refer to <a href="">JSON configuration reference</a>.</li>
<li>Reference preferred ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Refer to <a href="">Change URL of ArcGIS API for JavaScript</a>.</li>
<h3>Browser requirements</h3>
<p>Supported browsers for deployed applications*:</p>
<li>Safari 3+</li>
<li>Internet Explorer 9+. Internet Explorer 8 or lower is not supported.</li>
<p>*For 3D apps, refer to the <a href="">system requirements</a> of ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x for details. </p>
<h3>ArcGIS API for JavaScript requirements</h3>
<p>Recommend <a href="">the latest version</a> of ArcGIS JavaScript API for 2D apps, and <a href="">version 4.x</a> for 3D apps.</p>
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