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*DistractFree.txt* A plugin for WriteRoom like Editing with Vim
Author: Christian Brabandt <>
Version: 0.5 Wed, 14 Aug 2013 22:36:39 +0200
Copyright: (c) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 by Christian Brabandt
The VIM LICENSE applies to DistractFree.txt
(see |copyright|) except use DistractFree instead of "Vim".
Contents *DistractFree*
1. DistractFree Manual..........................|DistractFree-manual|
2. Configuration................................|DistractFree-config|
2.1 Window size..........................|DistractFree-size|
2.2 Set Colorscheme......................|DistractFree-Colorscheme|
2.3 Remap keys...........................|DistractFree-maps|
2.4 Hooks................................|DistractFree-hooks|
3. DistractFree Feedback........................|DistractFree-feedback|
4. DistractFree History.........................|DistractFree-history|
1. DistractFree Manual *DistractFree-manual*
This plugin has been made to enable a WriteRoom like behaviour in Vim.
When enabled, all unnecessary features are turned off, so you can concentrate
on writing with Vim. It also creates on each side a couple of empty windows,
so that the text will be centered around the screen.
This plugin defines the following commands:
This commnd toggles between normal Vim mode and the distraction free mode.
Alternatively, you can use the key <leader>W in normal mode to toggle between normal
mode and Distraction Free mode. (If you haven't setup your leaderkey, see also
|<Leader>| use the '\' key)
2 DistractFree Configuration *DistractFree-config*
2.1 Window width/height *DistractFree-size*
By default, DistractFree create a frame around the main window, such that the
main buffer contains 90% of the available Vim window screen size. You can
change this, by specifying either a percentage or width (in columns) by
setting the g:distractfree_width variable, e.g. to have the window be resized
to 95% of the Vim window, put into your |.vimrc| the following: >
:let g:distractfree_width = '95%'
2.2 Load a specific colorscheme *DistractFree-Colorscheme*
By default, DistractFree does not change your colorscheme, although it comes
with an experimental Darkroom like colorscheme, called "darkroom".
DistractFree also does reset some highlighting colors, specifically it resets
|hl-VertSplit| and |hl-NonText|. You might however want to load a specific
colorscheme so that the highlighting distracts you even more. Therefore you
can set the variable g:distractfree_colorscheme to your prefered colorscheme,
which will then be loaded when starting distraction free mode like this >
:let g:distractfree_colorscheme = "solarized"
This would make DistractFree try to load the specified colorscheme solarized
when entering distraction free mode. If you don't want to change your
colorscheme, simply set this variable to empty: >
:let g:distractfree_colorscheme = ""
2.3 Remap keys *DistractFree-maps*
DistractFree remaps some keys, to make scrolling more easier. By default the
following keys are mapped: >
│ Key │ Mapped To│
│ <Up>│ g<Up>│
│ <Down>│ g<Down>│
│ k│ gk│
│ j│ gj│
│ <Down>│ <C-\><C-O><Up>│
│ <Down>│ <C-\><C-O><Down>│
If you prefer to have no keys being remaped, that the variable
g:distractfree_nomap_keys like this: >
:let g:distractfree_nomap_keys = 1
2.4 Hooks *DistractFree-hooks*
If you want, you can execute certain scripts, whenever Distraction free mode
is started and stopped. For example, on Windows you might want to start
Distraction free mode in transparent mode using VimTweak
( So to setup everything
on start, you set the variable g:distractfree_hook variable like this: >
let g:distractfree_hook = {}
let g:distractfree_hook.start = 'call libcallnr("vimtweak.dll", "SetAlpha", 210) |'.
\ 'call libcallnr("vimtweak.dll", "EnableMaximize", 1) |'.
\ 'call libcallnr("vimtweak.dll", "EnableCaption", 0) |'.
\ 'call libcallnr("vimtweak.dll", "EnableTopMost", 1) '
let g:distractfree_hook.stop = 'call libcallnr("vimtweak.dll", "SetAlpha", 255) |'.
\ 'call libcallnr("vimtweak.dll", "EnableMaximize", 0) |'.
\ 'call libcallnr("vimtweak.dll", "EnableCaption", 1) |'.
\ 'call libcallnr("vimtweak.dll", "EnableTopMost", 0) |'
This setups a start hook, that will be executed on Distraction Free Mode start
(using the "start" key) and stop mode (using the "stop" key).
3. DistractFree Feedback *DistractFree-feedback*
Feedback is always welcome. If you like the plugin, please rate it at the
You can also follow the development of the plugin at github:
Bugs can also be reported there:
Alternatively, you can also report any bugs to the maintainer, mentioned in the
third line of this document. Please don't hesitate to contact me, I won't bite
If you like the plugin, write me an email (look in the third line for my mail
address). And if you are really happy, vote for the plugin and consider
looking at my Amazon whishlist:
4. DistractFree History *DistractFree-history*
0.5: Aug 14, 2013 {{{1
- updated documentation by Ingo Karkat, Thanks!, issue #1
- Make State of plugin avaivable to extern (patch by Ingo Karkat, Thanks!,
issue #2)
- Ensure, padding of 'stl' works correctly (patch by Ingo Karkat, Thanks!,
issue #3)
- :q in DistractMode quits vim correctly
- Save/Restore User highlighting
0.4: Feb 16, 2013 {{{1
- set/restore guifont
- updated colorscheme
- remove font attribute from Normal highlighting
- make current window the only window
0.3: Dec 15, 2012 {{{1
- enable |:GLVS|
0.2: Dec 14, 2012 {{{1
- upload to
0.1: Dec 14, 2012 {{{1
- first internal version
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