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A Kubernetes networking solution based on Open vSwitch
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Antrea is a Kubernetes networking solution intended to be Kubernetes native. It operates at Layer3/4 to provide networking and security services for a Kubernetes cluster, leveraging Open vSwitch as the networking data plane.

Antrea Overview

Open vSwitch is a widely adopted high-performance programmable virtual switch; Antrea leverages it to implement Pod networking and security features. For instance, Open vSwitch enables Antrea to implement Kubernetes Network Policies in a very efficient manner.


Antrea has been tested with Kubernetes clusters running version 1.16 or later.

  • NodeIPAMController must be enabled in the Kubernetes cluster.
    When deploying a cluster with kubeadm the --pod-network-cidr <cidr> option must be specified.
  • Open vSwitch kernel module must be present on every Kubernetes node.

Getting Started

Getting started with Antrea is very simple, and takes only a few minutes. See how it's done in the Getting started document.


The Antrea community welcomes new contributors. We are waiting for your PRs!

Also check out @ProjectAntrea on Twitter!


Antrea currently supports the following features:

  • IPv4 overlay network for a Kubernetes cluster. Either VXLAN or Geneve can be used as the encapsulation protocol.
  • Kubernetes Network Policies implementation.
  • Octant UI plugin for monitoring Antrea components, which publish runtime information as CRDs.


Antrea is a very young project. There is a very exciting list of features and integrations that we would like to add. A most likely incomplete list can be found on our Roadmap page. Feel free to throw your ideas in!


Antrea is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0

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