Additional community developed python packages to help you work with pyvmomi
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> Additional community developed python packages to help you work with pyvmomi

This project is an incubator project for additional pyVmomi based tools and libraries as needed by the development community.


pyVmomi tools is currently in Alpha and is experimental, use at your own risk.


Developers working with pyVmomi often end up creating the same helpers and utilities for themselves. This project represents a place for everyone to share those tools with each other.

Tool Incubator

Utilities started here may be graduated to free-standing libraries distributed independently of this library. A graduated library would be expressed as a dependency for this library. For example if were distributed first as part of this library but graduated to pyvmomi-foo (a stand-alone library) then this project would express in its requirements an explicit dependency on pyvmomi-foo.

Module, driver, and service developers will benefit from the ability to only import the library elements they need while scripting developers benefit from having a single top-level meta package to import for all the latest and best tools.


Follow the github contribution process. Please be sure that any pull request makes reference to an approved issue. Smaller commits are better, but cohesive requests are best. That is, one pull request should equal one feature. One commit should equal one issue/concern/bug-fix.

  • All contributed code becomes property of the project.
  • All Copyrights revert to VMware, Inc.
  • All code remains licensed under the LICENSE distributed with this project

Coding Standards

** types, exceptions, return types should all be documented * [unit test](