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Suzie Baunsgard

Hi, my name is Suzie Baunsgard. I'd love to bring my skills (which are likely complimentary and different from yours) to Vox Pupuli.

About me:

  • I've been a technical writer with Puppet Support for over 3 years. I help engineers write workarounds for Puppet supported issues. You can read some open to the public articles that I worked on in the Pipelines sections of the Support's Knowledge Base.
  • Before that I have a long history of being a person who talked about and solved problems in different specialist/technical areas for a living, including American tax law, materials performance testing (including flammability), and opera.
  • I love to solve problems.
  • I think nokogiri is kind of fun.

Given my skills, I'm best engaged in anything and everything related to documentation, planning, and talking things out.

Thanks for your time!