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// Copyright (c) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 by David Scherer and others.
// Copyright (c) 2003, 2004 by Jonathan Brandmeyer and others.
// See the file license.txt for complete license terms.
// See the file authors.txt for a complete list of contributors.
#include "axial.hpp"
#ifdef __GNUC__
# define NONNULL __attribute__((nonnull))
# define NONNULL
namespace cvisual {
// This model representation is intended to be "sort of like" what a next generation
// two phase renderer would use. Eventually, therefore, it should be replaced with
// the real thing.
struct fvertex {
union {
float v[3];
struct { float x, y, z; };
fvertex() {} // uninitialized!
fvertex( const vector& v ) : x(v.x), y(v.y), z(v.z) {}
class model {
std::vector< unsigned short > indices;
std::vector< fvertex > vertex_pos;
std::vector< fvertex > vertex_normal;
class ring : public axial
// The radius of the ring's body. If not specified, it is set to 1/10 of
// the radius of the body.
double thickness;
bool degenerate();
cvisual::model model;
int model_rings, model_bands;
double model_radius, model_thickness;
virtual ~ring();
void set_thickness( double t);
double get_thickness();
virtual void gl_pick_render( const view&);
virtual void gl_render( const view&);
virtual void grow_extent( extent&);
void get_material_matrix(const view&, tmatrix& out);
void create_model( int rings, int bands, class model& m );
} // !namespace cvisual
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