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;;; (c) 2013 Vsevolod Dyomkin
(in-package #:nltk)
(named-readtables:in-readtable rutils-readtable)
(defclass text ()
((name :initarg :name)
(raw :initarg :raw :accessor text-raw)
(words :accessor text-words)
(ctxs :accessor text-ctxs)
(transitions :accessor text-transitions)
(dispersion :accessor text-dispersion)
(ugrams :accessor text-ugrams)
(bigrams :accessor text-bigrams)
(trigrams :accessor text-trigrams)))
(defmethod slot-unbound (class (obj text) (slot (eql 'ugrams)))
(with-slots (words ugrams) obj
(format t "~&Indexing unigrams...~%")
(prog1 (setf ugrams (index-ngrams 1 words))
(format t "Number of unigrams: ~A~%" (ngrams-count ugrams)))))
(defmethod slot-unbound (class (obj text) (slot (eql 'bigrams)))
(with-slots (words bigrams) obj
(format t "~&Indexing bigrams...~%")
(prog1 (setf bigrams (index-ngrams 2 words))
(format t "Number of bigrams: ~A~%" (ngrams-count bigrams)))))
(defmethod slot-unbound (class (obj text) (slot (eql 'trigrams)))
(with-slots (words trigrams) obj
(format t "~&Indexing trigrams...~%")
(prog1 (setf trigrams (index-ngrams 3 words))
(format t "Number of trigrams: ~A~%" (ngrams-count trigrams)))))
(defun collocations (text)
(find-collocations (text-bigrams text) :n 30))
(defun generate (text &key (n 20) (order 2))
"Generate random text of N words, based on TEXT."
(with-slots (transitions) text
(string-trim (append +white-chars+ +newline-chars+)
(fmt "~{~A ~}"
(generate-text (make 'markov-chain-generator :order order)
(make-lm 'stupid-backoff-lm
:1g (text-ugrams text)
:2g (when (> order 1)
(text-bigrams text))
:3g (when (> order 2)
(text-trigrams text)))
;; Plotting
(defun dump-counts (ngrams n order-by cumulative)
"Dump N NGRAMS counts (or CUMULATIVE counts) orderd by ORDER-BY."
(let ((filename (fmt "/tmp/~A" (gensym)))
(total 0))
(with-out-file (out filename)
(doindex (i pair (ngrams-pairs ngrams :order-by order-by))
(when (and n (> i n))
(format out "~A~t~S~t~A~%" (1+ i) (car pair)
(if cumulative
(incf total (cdr pair))
(cdr pair))))
(defun plot (ngrams &key n (order-by '>) cumulative)
"Plot NGRAMS counts."
(cgn:with-gnuplot (t)
(cgn:format-gnuplot "set xtics rotate 90")
(cgn:format-gnuplot "set ylabel \"~@[Cumulative ~]Counts\"" cumulative)
"plot \"~A\" using 1:3:xtic(2) with lines title \"\""
(dump-cumulative-counts ngrams n order-by cumulative))))