Visual Studio Code Debugger for Haxe/HashLink applications
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HashLink Debugger

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This VSCode extension allows you to debug HashLink JIT applications.

Only available on VSCode 64 bit

Building from Source

The following instructions are only relevant for building the extension from source and are not required when installing it from the marketplace.


You will need Haxe 4 preview build.

Additionally, you need to install these dependencies:

haxelib git vscode-debugadapter
haxelib git hxnodejs
haxelib install hscript
haxelib install format

Once all dependencies are ready, you should be able to compile with haxe build.hxml

Commandline version

Instead of the vscode plugin, you can also compile and run a commandline version, similar to gdb:

Debugger running in HashLink;

cd hashlink-debugger/debugger
haxe debugger.hxml
hl debug.hl /my/path/filetodebug.hl

You can then use gdb-like commands such as run/bt/break/etc. (see sources)

The commandline debugger can also be compiled and run using nodejs, by doing:

cd hashlink-debugger/debugger
haxe node_debug.hxml
npm install
node debugger.js /my/path/filetodebug.hl


Please note that VSCode does not allow users to have a specific directory for a single extension, so it's easier to clone this repository directly into the extensions directory of VSCode (C:\Users\<you>\.vscode\extensions on Windows).

Before running, you need to install a few NodeJS extensions. DO NOT npm install, as this will install the native extensions for your current NodeJS version and not for the Electron version of VSCode (if you did this already, simply remove the node_modules directory). Instead, run make deps, which will npm install & compile the extensions for the latest version of VSCode.

If the extension fails to run, maybe you are using a different version of VSCode than the one you compiled for. Open VSCode, go to Help / Activate Development Tools, then in the dev console write process.versions.electron and replace it in the Makefile, remove node_modules and recompile.

OSX version

Both Windows and Linux are supported. We will soon work on OSX version using Mach tasks debugging API.