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Vuetify Contributing Guide

Hello and thank you for your interest in helping make Vuetify better. Please take a few moments to review the following guidelines:


Reporting Issues

  • Issues not created with will be immediately closed.
  • The issue list of this repo is exclusively for Bug Reports and Feature Requests.
  • Bug reproductions should be as concise as possible.
  • Search for your issue, it may have been answered.
  • See if the error is reproduceable with the latest version.
  • If reproduceable, please provide a Codepen or public repository that can be cloned to produce the expected behavior. It is preferred that you create an initial commit with no changes first, then another one that will cause the issue.
  • Never comment "+1" or "me too!" on issues without leaving additional information, use the πŸ‘ button in the top right instead.

Pull Requests

  • Always work on a new branch. Making changes on your fork's dev or master branch can cause problems. (See The beginner's guide to contributing to a GitHub project)
  • Bug fixes should be submitted to the master branch.
  • New features and breaking changes should be submitted to the dev branch.
  • Use a descriptive title no more than 64 characters long. This will be used as the commit message when your PR is merged.
  • For changes and feature requests, please include an example of what you are trying to solve and an example of the markup. It is preferred that you create an issue first however, as that will allow the team to review your proposal before you start.
  • Please reference the issue # that the PR resolves, something like Fixes #1234 or Resolves #6458 (See closing issues using keywords)