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IRC Commands Reference

Reference for call participants

People that are participating in the meeting will find these commands useful:

  • voip: <last 3 digits of SIP/...> is <alias> - Associate a voice channel with an IRC nickname. Details
  • /me TEXT - Say something off of the record. Everything else you type is recorded in the official transcript. Details
  • q? - See who is on the speaker queue.
  • q+ - Add yourself to the speaker queue.
  • q+ to say TEXT - Add yourself to the speaker queue while including a reminder to yourself on what you want to say.
  • q+ <alias> - Add someone else to the speaker queue.
  • q- <alias> - Remove someone from the speaker queue.
  • ack <alias> - Acknowledge someone to speak from the speaker queue.

Reference for people running the meeting and scribes

People that are running the meeting may find these commands useful:

  • agenda: <URL> - Specify the link for the meeting agenda. Details
  • scribe: <alias> - Specify the IRC nickcname of the person that is scribing.
  • <alias> <TEXT> - (For scribe) Record what alias said Details
  • topic: TEXT - Set the current topic of discussion.
  • voip: number? - Get the dial in numbers for the call. (TODO: is this right? I thought it was connections? )
  • voip: connections? - Get the dial in numbers for the call. Details
  • voip: noise? - See which audio channels are being noisy. Useful for finding distracting audio from participants.
  • voip: mute <last 3 digits of SIP/...> - Mute an audio channel.
  • voip: unmute <last 3 digits of SIP/...> - Unmute an audio channel.
  • voip: disconnect <last 3 digits of SIP/...> - Disconnect an audio channel.
  • chair: <alias> - Specify the person running the meeting.
  • meeting: <TEXT> - Specify the title of the meeting.
  • date: <YYYY-MM-dd> - Specify the date of the meeting. Useful when creating minutes after the fact.
  • action: <TEXT> - Add an action item

IRC Command Details

Associate a voice channel with an IRC nickname


voip: <last 3 digits of SIP/...> is <alias>


Suppose your alias is kimhd and phone number is 555-222-1212. Look for your phone number in the chat window and get the last 3 digits from the adjacent string [SIP/]

[09:01] <voip-vctf> 15552221212 [SIP/] has joined the conference.

The last 3 digits are 174. You would enter command:

voip: 174 is kimhd

Say something off the record


/me <your message>


/me can you speak up please?

Posting an agenda


Agenda: <agenda link>



List connections


voip: connections?



<alias>: <what they said>


Suppose ChristopherA is scribing, and kimhd says "The next thing we will discuss is the DID spec"

ChristopherA would type:

kimhd: The next thing we will discuss is the DID spec

To continue, and avoid repeating the author name, type ... (on the new line)