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Web 中文兴趣组媒体特别任务组研讨会・2019年3月

W3C Web中文兴趣组媒体特别任务组研讨会 2019年3月23日 北京,请于3月18日(周一)前注册参会。该媒体特别任务组基于Web中文兴趣组启动会的讨论而成立,是Web中文兴趣组设立的系列特别任务之一。

This is the meeting page for the W3C Chinese Web Interest Group (CWIG) Media Task Force face-to-face meeting in Beijing, China on 23 March 2018. Please register before 18 March (Mon). The Media Task Force was set up according to the discussion in CWIG's first group meeting.

参会人员 Attendees

本次会议对Web中文兴趣组成员W3C会员和受邀嘉宾开放,请通过Pull Request添加您的姓名,或发送邮件到您的姓名也会被添加到这里)。请与会者参阅W3C道德与职业行为准则

The meeting is open to the group participants, W3C members, and invited guests.

Please add your name(s) and affiliation(s) to the following list via GitHub Pull Request, or send your request to group's public mailing list, and your name(s) will be added to this list once approved. Participants are requested to be aware of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

  1. François Daoust (W3C)
  2. 薛富侨(W3C) Fuqiao Xue (W3C)
  3. 徐嵩(中国移动咪咕公司) Song Xu (China Mobile - Migu)
  4. 陈杰(英特尔亚太研发有限公司) Jie Chen (Intel)

议程 Agenda



  • 音视频倍速播放 (playback speed control)
  • 音视频清晰度切换 (quality adjustment)
  • 视频打点 (cue events)
  • 视频弹幕 (commentary subtitles)
  • ...

提示:本次会议议程正在建设中,若您有任何提议,欢迎联系:薛富侨 <>。

Note: The meeting agenda is under construction. For any comments, please contact Fuqiao Xue <>.

地点 Location

会议举办地点 Meeting Venue

  • 会场:TBD

其他 Logistics