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Grant Application

This application is (select one):

  • Speculative (use this by default)
  • an RFP response

This application is (select one):

  • Public (fully)
  • Public with private finances


[Provide a brief description of your project here (summarise key points).

If your application is part of a programme, please mention which in the first line of the abstract.

The details should be in the application 'document' that you add to this repo via a pull request.]


  • The grants document has been read and understood.
  • The Google Form will be completed accurately. Note that the Google Form requires the pull request URL.
  • Abstract (above) is succinct and complete.
  • The application is being included into the correct directory: either 'targeted' or 'speculative'.
  • The application includes a project description.
  • The application includes all names of team members.
  • The application includes a description of the team's experience.
  • The application includes all necessary links (e.g. GitHub and LinkedIn)
  • The "Development Roadmap" section in the application has a timeline of development ("milestones").
  • The "Development Roadmap" section in the application has an estimate of funds required.
  • The "Development Roadmap" section gives an indication of the team's long term plans.
  • The "Development Roadmap" section includes documentation as a deliverable for at least one milestone.
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