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Project name

Project Description

If this application is for a particular grant programme then please indicate that in the first line of this section.

  • Please provide a brief description of the project here. This is likely more important for speculative applications, but also worth providing some description here of the team's intent with the project.
  • An indication of why this project is good for the ecosystem.
  • An indication of how you will integrate this project into Substrate / Polkadot.
  • An indication of why your team is interested in creating this project.

Team members

  • Name of team leader
  • Names of team members

Team Website

  • https://...

Legal Structure

Please provide name and registered address of the legal entity executing the project. These details can also be shared privately via our Google Form.

Team's experience

Please describe the team's relevant experience

Team Code Repos

Team LinkedIn Profiles

Development Roadmap

Please add information setting into sufficient detail the following (usually two pages):

  • The specifications of the software, delivered over a number of milestones. The detail must be such that after delivery we are able to examine whether the software meets the requirements agreed in the specifications, in order to be able to make any payments to you.
  • A time schedule on when each milestone will be achieved.
  • The required grant per milestone and the total amount requested. Grants can be in one of the fiat currencies CHF, EUR or USD or in DOTs or a combination of fiat and DOTs. Please reach out to for discussing what amount in fiat and DOTs would be appropriate.
  • Note that we now have a preference to collect the financial information via our Google Form, or via a Google Document (paste the link into our Google Form).

Note: It should be clear how the project will be working towards deployment on Substrate / Polkadot.

Also helpful to know: what are the team’s long-term plans and intentions after the grant has been awarded?

Additional Information

Any additional information that you think is relevant to this application.

These bullet points won't be applicable to all projects. Some of the information may have already been included in the description section, if so then no need to state it again.

  • What work has been done so far?
  • Are there are any teams who have already contributed (financially) to the project?
  • Have you applied for other grants so far?
  • Are there any other projects similar to yours?
  • How is your project different?
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