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CNF preprocessor for xor clauses
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A CNF preprocessor for xor constraints.

What does the prepocessor

xorblast reads dimacs files, which contains xor clauses of the form:

x <var1> <var2> <var3> <var4> 0
x -<var5> <var6> <var7> 0

where the first line represents the formula: var1 ^ var2 ^ var3 ^ var4. and the second line represents the formula: not (var5 ^ var6 ^ var7). Just think on odd or even bit parity.

xorblast catches these constraints, simplifies them by Gauss-Jordan elimination in GF(2) and expands the residual xor clauses with Tseitin encoding.

Take care, that Tseitin encoded is only satisfiable equivalent. So the new CNF formula is satisfiable if the given CNF formula is satisfiable. For example, the new CNF formula have more models.

Getting Started

Install the development files m4ri library. On debian: libm4ri-dev, on fedora systems: libm4ri-devel.

$ git clone
$ cd xorblast && mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make

Currently following switches are supported:

  • -g/-G enables and disable the gauss elimination
  • -v verbose (debug) output
  • -s FILE writes SMT to FILE with a proof obligation of equality of the gauss elimination
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