Getting started with Flux and the Helm Operator
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We published a step-by-step run-through on how to use Flux and Helm Operator over here.



  • Kubernetes deployment, ClusterIP service and Horizontal Pod Autoscaler
  • init container automated image updates (regular expression filter)
  • container automated image updates (semantic versioning filter)

Helm releases


  • Source: Helm repository (stable)
  • Kubernetes deployment
  • automated image updates (semantic versioning filter)


  • Source: Helm repository (stable)
  • Kubernetes stateful set
  • locked automated image updates (semantic versioning filter)


  • Source: Git repository
  • disabled automated image updates (glob filter)
  • has external dependency - mariadb (stable)

Getting Help

If you have any questions about, feedback for or problems with flux-get-started:

Your feedback is always welcome!