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Speed up development by automatically installing & saving dependencies with Webpack.
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NPM Install Webpack Plugin

Speed up development by automatically installing & saving dependencies with Webpack.

It is inefficient to Ctrl-C your build script & server just to install a dependency you didn't know you needed until now.

Instead, use require or import how you normally would and npm install will happen automatically to install & save missing dependencies while you work!


$ npm install --save-dev npm-install-webpack-plugin


In your webpack.config.js:

plugins: [
  new NpmInstallPlugin()

This is equivalent to:

plugins: [
  new NpmInstallPlugin({
    // Use --save or --save-dev
    dev: false,
    // Install missing peerDependencies
    peerDependencies: true,
    // Reduce amount of console logging
    quiet: false,
    // npm command used inside company, yarn is not supported yet
    npm: 'tnpm'

You can provide a Function to the dev to make it dynamic:

plugins: [
  new NpmInstallPlugin({
    dev: function(module, path) {
      return [
      ].indexOf(module) !== -1;


npm-install-webpack-plugin demo


  • Works with both Webpack ^v1.12.0 and ^2.1.0-beta.0.
  • Auto-installs .babelrc plugins & presets.
  • Supports both ES5 & ES6 Modules. (e.g. require, import)
  • Supports Namespaced packages. (e.g. @cycle/dom)
  • Supports Dot-delimited packages. (e.g. lodash.capitalize)
  • Supports CSS imports. (e.g. @import "~bootstrap")
  • Supports Webpack loaders. (e.g. babel-loader, file-loader, etc.)
  • Supports inline Webpack loaders. (e.g. require("bundle?lazy!./App")
  • Auto-installs missing peerDependencies. (e.g. @cycle/core will automatically install rx@*)
  • Supports Webpack's resolve.alias & resolve.root configuration. (e.g. require("react") can alias to react-lite)


Eric Clemmons

Jonny Buchanan
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