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Allow hosting from different base url / homepage #254

MrHen opened this issue Apr 4, 2019 · 3 comments · Fixed by brock1337/aweber-hackathon-vue#5, Starrier/weigh-anchor#4 or DallasAutumn/audio_emotion#18 · May be fixed by huzepin/Test_Repository#7 or akustar/imgmap#11


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MrHen commented Apr 4, 2019

Issue description

I need a way to prepend a specific url to both the root location and viewer.js. I am hosting the bundle viewer through a docker container and am running nginx to route various urls into the servers.

As best as I can tell, one of the the following changes would give me a way to do what I want:

Technical info

  • Webpack Bundle Analyzer version: webpack-bundle-analyzer@3.1.0
  • Webpack version:
+-- react-scripts@2.1.8 
| `-- webpack@4.28.3 
  • Node.js version: v8.15.0
  • npm/yarn version: npm 6.4.1
  • OS: Docker

Debug info

CLI command:
react-scripts build --stats && webpack-bundle-analyzer build/bundle-stats.json -m server -O --port 8888 --host

nginx configuration:

upstream analyzer {
    server reporting-2-analyzer:8888;

server {
    # ...
    location /analyzer {
        proxy_pass http://analyzer;

    # webpack-bundle-analyzer does not support a base url
    location /viewer.js {
        proxy_pass http://analyzer;
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th0r commented Apr 10, 2019

@MrHen will usage of the relative url for viewer.js help? E.g.

<script src="viewer.js"></script>

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MrHen commented Apr 10, 2019

@th0r Yeah, that would probably work.

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MrHen commented Apr 11, 2019

I confirmed the fix on my end. Thanks @th0r !

This was referenced Mar 11, 2021
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