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I discovered node, coffeescript, and couchdb just 3 or 4 weeks ago (I know, I live under a rock). I am starting a new project and I've made the crazy decision to jump from lamp to node/couchdb. In just a few weeks the tools have been so great that I have hand-grown my own virtual hosting environment and an html generation tool that are awesome, if I say so myself.

To get to the point, I have had two serious problems with my new wonderland. One is the nested async calls problem (which is causing serious strife on the nodejs board) and the second problem is unpredictable results from coffeescript forced-indentation. I like Python's indentation and used it for years, but for some reason the coffeescript indentation syntax is driving me crazy. I would be happy to discuss these indentation problems anytime to explain further.

Ok, now I'll really get to the point. Kaffeine seems to solve both of my problems in a simple way. Plus I get most of the cool syntax sugar I have been enjoying in coffeescript. I am about to try out Kaffeine and especially see I can port my html generator to it.

However (this is finally the real point), I am concerned that I can't find any discussion of kaffeine anywhere. Weepy seems to be a lone voice. This naturally makes me worry whether Kaffeine will grow to be a community-supported tool or not. In order to make a crazy decision to jump to a coffeescript replacement for a lengthy project that I'm already three weeks into, I have to do some serious thinking.

I could live with a new tool with no support if it was simple enough to support myself. That is something I will investigate. I could also add some support to the project but I could never spend serious resources on it.

update: I am also new to github and I thought there had been no issues here. I just discovered the closed messages. So there is some discussion that happened here that I will read.



I've been surprised how difficult it's been to engage with anyone on the issue - CoffeeScript seems to have something of a fanboyism. To be fair - I'm pretty bad at promoting my own libraries - which might be one of the problems here. I've tried to talk with some of the coffeescripters on the irc channel - but they seem to largely ignore it - I wouldn't even mind if they offered some critique!

I'm biased obviously, but to my mind, Kaffeine is better than CS in many fundamental ways:

  • it's just an extension of JS ( and the code it creates is very close to the original Kaffeine)
  • the codebase is small and very simple (compared with CS)
  • it's modular - easy to write plugins
  • it maintains line parity with the original JS - which is useful z

Of course there's also the extra features you like about it such as the async stuff and the non-significant whitespace.

To answer your own question - I'd say that Kaffeine just works. Even if there's a bug, take a look at the codebase - it's very simple to follow (CoffeeScript is crazy hard) - and hence easy to fix. The other point is really that it's just a text converter - it's not like some database object relation error where a bug could cause havok: the JS either runs or it doesn't.

Maybe you could help with the promotion problem ! - Perhaps you could cross post your message into the coffeescript issues list or have a chat in the #coffeescript irc channel?

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