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Hacker News App


A mobile app for Hacker News, which is powered by Weex and Vue.


Use Weex Playground App to scan the QR code below.

QR Code

The content of this QR code is , please make sure your phone can assess GitHub.


Install the dependencies:

npm install

Compile the source code:

  • npm run build # Compile the source code for web platform and native platform.
  • npm run dev # Watch mode for npm run build.

Copy the bundle file:

  • npm run copy:android # Copy generated bundle file to the assets of Android project.
  • npm run copy:ios # Copy generated bundle file to the assets of iOS project.
  • npm run copy # Run both copy:andriod and copy:ios.

More npm scripts will be find in the package.json.

Start Web Service

npm run serve

The server is listening on 1337. Visit can preview the app on browser.

Run The Android Project

First you should install Android Studio and Android SDK.

Assuming you have configured the Android development environment properly, just use Android Studio to open the project in the android folder, and run the app as other normal Android projects.

Run The iOS Project

First you should setup the iOS develop environment and install the CocoaPods.

Enter the ios path, use CocoaPods to install dependencies:

pod install

Open the project in the ios folder by Xcode, you could run the app on the simulator.

NOTE: If you want to run the app on real device, you also need to setup your own signing configuration.