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A complete plugin for exporting static blogs from TiddlyWiki:


This plugin overrides the usual flat export functionality of TiddlyWiki with a one which provides a date based folder structure. It also provides several special tags and helper tiddlers for hiding posts/creating drafts/maintaining a sitemap etc.

Code Changes

The code changes can be grouped into four categories:

1.View Template Changes

Changes which change how the exported tidders looks or add new features to the tiddler.

  • blog-subtitle.tid
  • link-to-post.tid
  • tags.tid
  • tag-view-template.tid

2.Static Templates

Provides the template which exported tiddlers use when exported.

  • static.index.html.tid
  • static.framework.html.tid
  • static.tag.html.tid
  • static.tiddler.html.tid

3.Export Time Javascript

Helps the exporter fix up links as we will not be using the standard flat folder export structure.

  • getexportimage.js
  • getexportlink.js
  • getexportpath.js

4.Helper Tiddlers

There help with several issues