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This small helper project contains assembler macros and procedures for a very simple I/O system to be used in small, less than 8k code, assembler programs.

The code was initially developed as part of the mvs38j-langtest project, and later also used in the s370-perf project. It is now factored out in a separate project and used as submodule.

The available modules are

File Function
otxtdsc.asm macro to define a text string descriptor
sis_base.asm base module for input handling from SYSIN
sis_iint05.asm IINT05: input integer in format %5d
sis_iint10.asm IINT10: input integer in format %10d
sos_base.asm base module for output handling to SYSPRINT
sos_ofix1200.asm OFIX1200: output double in %12.0f format
sos_ofix1308.asm OFIX1308,OFIX1306: output double in %13.8f or %13.6f format
sos_ohex10.asm OHEX10: output word in %8.8x format
sos_ohex210.asm OHEX210: output a double word in %8.8x %8.8x format
sos_oint02.asm OINT02: output integer in %2d format
sos_oint04.asm OINT04: output integer in %4d format
sos_oint10.asm OINT10: output integer in %10d format
sos_oint12.asm OINT12: output integer in %12d format
sos_oregdmp.asm OREGDMP: output register dump

A test code test_sos.asm, which serves as simple test bench for output modules, is available in the tests directory of the mvs38j-langtest project.

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