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s370-perf: IBM System/370 Instruction Timing Benchmark

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The project contains an instruction timing benchmark for the IBM System/370 instruction set and covers almost all non-privileged instructions. The benchmark code runs in 24-bit mode and does not cover S/370-XA extensions. It was developed under MVS 3.8J, as available with turnkey systems like tk4-. The development started in the context of the mvs38j-langtest project but quickly turned into project of its own right.

For more detailed information consult

Directory organization

The project files are organized in directories as

Directory Content
bin some helper scripts
codes the codes and jobs
data benchmark results
doc documentation
herc-tools the herc-tools project as submodule, mainly for access to hercjis
jcl JCL job templates
narr narrative for benchmark results
sios the mvs38j-sios project as submodule, simple I/O system asm code


This project is released under the GPL V3 license, all files contain a SPDX-style disclaimer:

SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later

The full text of the GPL license is in this directory as License.txt.