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rlbot-rust docs Build Status

RLBot is a framework for creating offline Rocket League bots. This crate lets you write bots using a simple, safe interface that should feel comfortable to Rust developers.

Documentation: We have it.

Stability: As you might notice, we're still on version 0.x. Breaking changes are still possible at this stage. Join the Discord to keep up-to-date!

Compatibility: We target the latest version of RLBot, and the latest stable version of Rust.


Your code will look a little something like this:

use rlbot::ffi;

fn main() -> Result<(), Box<Error>> {
    rlbot::run_bot(MyBot { /* ... */ })

struct MyBot { /* ... */ }

impl rlbot::Bot for MyBot {
    fn tick(&mut self, packet: &ffi::LiveDataPacket) -> ffi::PlayerInput {
        // ...

This library comes with plenty of examples to get you started. For a list of examples, check out the docs.

Installing the framework

RLBot is needed to use this RLBot binding, of course. If the framework is not found in any of Windows's DLL search locations, init() will return this error:

Os { code: 2, kind: NotFound, message: "The system cannot find the file specified." }

RLBot is written in Python, so the easiest way to get the needed files is to use pip:

pip install rlbot

Then add them to your PATH (adapt this command to the location of rlbot on your particular system:

export PATH="$PATH":/c/Python36/Lib/site-packages/rlbot/dll



  • Use rustup to install both stable Rust and nightly Rust.

    This library targets stable Rust, however nightly Rust is needed for a few development niceties like cargo fmt and cargo doc.

  • Install pre-commit, and run this command:

    pre-commit install

    This makes it much less likely that your commits will break the build.


Many of the tests require a copy of Rocket League. All such tests will have integration in their name. Because these tests cannot be run in CI, they should be run manually before cutting a release, using this command:

cargo test -- integration

How to compile the flatbuffer schema

Flatbuffers comes with a schema compiler, flatc. Unless your package manager has flatc and allows building HEAD, you'll have to build flatc yourself.

Get the most recent flatbuffer schema. Then compile the schema like so from this project's root:

flatc -o src --rust rlbot.fbs
cargo fix --allow-dirty
cargo +nightly fmt

This will update the src/ file.

How to generate ffi bindings

Bindings are generated with rust-bindgen. Those docs are required reading.

After bindgen and its prerequisites are installed and working, run this delightfully short command:

bindgen \
    cpp/rlbot.hpp \
    -o src/ \
    --disable-name-namespacing \
    --no-layout-tests \
    --default-enum-style rust \
    --with-derive-default \
    --raw-line '#![allow(non_camel_case_types, non_snake_case, missing_docs)]' \
    --whitelist-function BallPrediction::GetBallPrediction \
    --whitelist-function BallPrediction::GetBallPredictionStruct \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::Free \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::SetGameState \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::StartMatch \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::StartMatchFlatbuffer \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::UpdateFieldInfoFlatbuffer \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::UpdateFieldInfo \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::UpdateLiveDataPacketFlatbuffer \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::UpdateLiveDataPacket \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::UpdateRigidBodyTickFlatbuffer \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::UpdateRigidBodyTick \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::SendQuickChat \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::SendChat \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::UpdatePlayerInput \
    --whitelist-function GameFunctions::UpdatePlayerInputFlatbuffer \
    --whitelist-function Interface::IsInitialized \
    --whitelist-function RenderFunctions::RenderGroup \
    -- \
    -fdeclspec \
    -I "$rlbot"/src/main/cpp/RLBotInterface/RLBotInterface \
    -I "$rlbot"/src/main/cpp/RLBotInterface/RLBotMessages

It should output errors in white text. Modify RLBot's source to fix the errors.

If on an OS that uses forward slashes (ie not Windows), this can quickly alleviate some of the pain, run from the RLBotInterface directory:

find . | xargs perl -pi -e 's/([\w\.])\\(\w)/$1\/$2/g'

Commenting out includes that may fail to resolve:

find . | xargs perl -pi -e 's/\#include \<Windows.h\>/\/\/<Windows.h>/g'

For any problematic references to boost, it will be easiest to just purge indiscriminately. You may have to remove other things, like everything to do with MessageStorage, GameInput, RenderOutput and CallbackOutput. Keep running the above bindgen command and fixing errors (fun times!). After you've subjected yourself to enough pain, it will run successfully and output more errors, but in red text this time. As long as the errors are in red, that means it worked!

Now open the resulting file (src/ and delete all the extern "C" pub fn declarations at the end. Since the DLL is actually loaded using this crate's dll module, there's no sense exposing the non-working functions—it would just lead to confusion.

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