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Remove reference to my daughters

"I have to say that when ever men speak to me about their 'conversions' and
mention their mother/daughter/sister I have mixed feelings. I feel happy that
they were able to see that women aren't that different from them but I get
little annoyed that all of a sudden they realized that their mother/daughter/
sister is actually a woman just like all those other women that are not like
him. He changed the name, that is good but what if he hadn't had daughters?"

-- Elizabeth G.
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commit accf8a11c638a7e2c0ca5fc37330ab8d7426d46e 1 parent c0f8f3b
Chad Whitacre authored April 02, 2012

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@@ -47,10 +47,10 @@ First thing the next morning::
47 47
48 48
 I'm not going to pretend that testosterone wasn't fun, or that sexist jokes are
49 49
 an absolute evil. But the truth is that I really do want to encourage women in
-tech (I have three young daughters), and a project like testosterone does not
-do that. I remember being surprised to see *a woman* at PyCon 2011. I don't
-have the data, but anecdotally I'm telling you there were LOTS more women at
-PyCon 2012. Let's do more of that!
+tech, and a project like testosterone does not do that. I remember being
+surprised to see *a woman* at PyCon 2011. I don't have the data, but
+anecdotally I'm telling you there were LOTS more women at PyCon 2012. Let's do
+more of that!
54 54
55 55
 I've decided not to rename the project testrogen, however. Instead, I'm calling
56 56
 it assertEquals. I'm keeping the old pages around with a banner pointing to the

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Sarah Elkins

Looks good!


This kind of awesomeness is so awesome.

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