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== Rubygems
The easiest way to install aws/s3 is with Rubygems:
% sudo gem i aws-s3 -ry
== Directly from svn
% svn co svn:// aws
== As a Rails plugin
If you want to use aws/s3 with a Rails application, you can export the repository
into your plugins directory and then check it in:
% cd my-rails-application/vendor/plugins
% svn export svn:// aws
% svn add aws
Or you could pull it down with an svn:externals:
% cd my-rails-application/vendor/plugins
% svn propedit svn:externals .
Then add the following line, save and exit:
aws svn://
If you go the svn route, be sure that you have all the dependencies installed. The list of dependencies follow.
== Dependencies
AWS::S3 requires Ruby 1.8.4 or greater.
It also has the following dependencies:
sudo gem i xml-simple -ry
sudo gem i builder -ry
sudo gem i mime-types -ry
=== XML parsing (xml-simple)
AWS::S3 depends on XmlSimple ( When installing aws/s3 with
Rubygems, this dependency will be taken care of for you. Otherwise, installation instructions are listed on the xml-simple
If your system has the Ruby libxml bindings installed ( they will be used instead of REXML (which is what XmlSimple uses). For those concerned with speed and efficiency, it would behoove you to install libxml (instructions here: as it is considerably faster and less expensive than REXML.
=== XML generation (builder)
AWS::S3 also depends on the Builder library ( and This will also automatically be installed for you when using Rubygems.
=== Content type inference (mime-types)
AWS::S3 depends on the MIME::Types library ( to infer the content type of an object that does not explicitly specify it. This library will automatically be installed for you when using Rubygems.