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RubyMotion: Under the Hood

by Joshua Ballanco


By now you probably know that RubyMotion is a new toolchain that lets you use familiar Ruby techniques to develop applications for iOS...but do you know what makes it tick? How is RubyMotion different from toolchains such as PhoneGap or Titanium? What does it mean to say that RubyMotion is implemented "on top of the Objective-C runtime"? And how the heck do I debug RubyMotion anyway?

I will attempt to answer these questions, and more, by looking deep into the underpinnings of RubyMotion. Along the way, I'll give a bit of an overview of the history of RubyMotion, and maybe even a glimpse at its future.

Additional Notes

In the past I gave two relatively well receieved talks on MacRuby to the Boston.rb group, and both times I was asked "What about MacRuby on iOS?" In both cases, I had promised to give a follow-up presentation at "some point in the future". This would be that talk, taking the same approach I did in those talks of looking at the technology from the bottom up. This talk will be less of a tutorial, and more of a deep dive into the heart of RubyMotion itself.