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Looking on the bright side of programming


What does it take to be successful and be happy? Contentment. Acceptance. Everyone on the planet wants these two things. How do we achieve success without selling our souls? How can we be happy down in the trenches dealing with clients and horrible code bases? This talk aims to start you down the path of being able to smile regardless of your project, code base, and deadline.

Why it works

I've spent 15 years programming and I've spent most of that on the pessimistic, get-stuff-done, head down, grind it out front. One day I looked up and I realized that I wasn't happy. I wasn't content. I then realized that external circumstances are just that. Stress is just how you choose to respond to a situation. I want people to understand that if they are at this conference they are doing GREAT and maybe should pat themselves on the back just a bit and breathe. It helped me.