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#Beneath the Surface: Embracing the True Power of Regular Expressions in Ruby#

by Nell Shamrell


Many of us approach regular expressions with a certain fear and trepidation, using them only when absolutely necessary. We can get by when we need to use them, but we hesitate to dive any deeper into their cryptic world. Ruby has so much more to offer us. This talk showcases the incredible power of Ruby and the Oniguruma regex library Ruby runs on. It takes you on a journey beneath the surface, exploring the beauty, elegance, and power of regular expressions. You will discover the flexible, dynamic, and eloquent ways to harness this beauty and power in your own code.

Additional Notes

I previously spoke at Madison Ruby last year, my presentation was "Behind the Curtain: Applying Lessons Learned From Years in the Theatre to Crafting Software." It was well received and I learned a great deal both through preparing it and presenting it. Video is available here:

I also spoke on Regular Expressions in Ruby at Seattle.rb, where my presentation, while diving into some technical depths of intermediate regular expressions, also focused on helping people overcome their intimidation of regular expressions. Slides are available here (NOTE: The talk I'm submitting to Wicked City Ruby will be a different talk, much more advanced and diving into how Ruby and Oniguruma (soon to be Onigmo) handle regular expressions beneath the surface).

Most recently, I spoke at Ancient City Ruby Conf, presenting "Test Driven Development: A Love Story," which received rave reviews on Twitter. Slides are available here