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Add missing Korean translations #42

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Options Menu

<String key="0x00040004" value="&amp;Delete Source Files" />
<String key="0x00040009" value="&amp;Hide Console Window" />
<String key="0x0004000A" value="&amp;Ensure Item Is Visible" />
<String key="0x0004000B" value="&amp;Try To Find Decoder" />
<String key="0x0004000C" value="&amp;Validate Input Files" />
<String key="0x0004000E" value="Configure Too&amp;ls...	F10" />
<String key="0x0004000F" value="Tr&amp;y To Download Tools" />
<String key="0x00040010" value="Rena&amp;me Existing Files" />

Paths Dialog

<String key="0x000F0001" value="Path" />
<String key="0x000F0002" value="Size (bytes)" />
<String key="0x000F0010" value="Edit Paths" />
<String key="0x000F0011" value="&amp;Cancel" />
<String key="0x000F0012" value="Path:" />
<String key="0x000F0013" value="Size:" />
<String key="0x000F0014" value="move &amp;Up" />
<String key="0x000F0015" value="move Dow&amp;n" />
<String key="0x000F0016" value="Dele&amp;te All" />
<String key="0x000F0017" value="&amp;Delete" />
<String key="0x000F0018" value="&amp;Add" />
<String key="0x000F0019" value="&amp;Import" />
<String key="0x000F001A" value="E&amp;xport" />
<String key="0x000F001B" value="C&amp;hange" />
<String key="0x000F001C" value="&amp;OK" />
<String key="0x000F001D" value="Du&amp;plicate" />
<String key="0x000F001E" value="&amp;..." />

Presets Dialog

<String key="0x000B0019" value="&amp;Import" />
<String key="0x000B001A" value="E&amp;xport" />
<String key="0x000B001D" value="Du&amp;plicate" />

Formats Dialog

<String key="0x000C0003" value="Priority" />
<String key="0x000C002B" value="Exit code on success:" />
<String key="0x000C002C" value="&amp;Edit Presets" />
<String key="0x000C002D" value="&amp;Import" />
<String key="0x000C002E" value="E&amp;xport" />
<String key="0x000C002F" value="Du&amp;plicate" />
<String key="0x000C0030" value="Priority" />

Tools Dialog

<String key="0x000E0001" value="Name" />
<String key="0x000E0002" value="Priority" />
<String key="0x000E0003" value="Url" />
<String key="0x000E0004" value="Status" />
<String key="0x000E0010" value="Configure Tools" />
<String key="0x000E0011" value="&amp;Cancel" />
<String key="0x000E0012" value="Name:" />
<String key="0x000E0013" value="Platform:" />
<String key="0x000E0014" value="Supported formats (separated by comma):" />
<String key="0x000E0015" value="Download URL:" />
<String key="0x000E0016" value="Download file name:" />
<String key="0x000E0017" value="Extract method:" />
<String key="0x000E0018" value="Extract path:" />
<String key="0x000E0019" value="move &amp;Up" />
<String key="0x000E001A" value="move Dow&amp;n" />
<String key="0x000E001B" value="&amp;Import" />
<String key="0x000E001C" value="E&amp;xport" />
<String key="0x000E001D" value="Du&amp;plicate" />
<String key="0x000E001E" value="Dele&amp;te All" />
<String key="0x000E001F" value="&amp;Delete" />
<String key="0x000E0020" value="&amp;Add" />
<String key="0x000E0021" value="&amp;Load" />
<String key="0x000E0022" value="&amp;Save As" />
<String key="0x000E0023" value="Do&amp;wnload Selected" />
<String key="0x000E0024" value="Stop Do&amp;wnload" />
<String key="0x000E0025" value="S&amp;et Selected Paths" />
<String key="0x000E0026" value="Set x&amp;86 Paths" />
<String key="0x000E0027" value="Set x&amp;64 Paths" />
<String key="0x000E0028" value="C&amp;hange" />
<String key="0x000E0029" value="&amp;OK" />
<String key="0x000E002A" value="Priority" />

Strings Work Thread

<String key="0x00110001" value="Error: can not load progress script." />
<String key="0x00110002" value="Error: can not find progress function." />
<String key="0x00120003" value="오류: can not duplicate stderr pipe to prevent child process from closing the pipe." />
<String key="0x00130003" value="오류: stdin pipe inherit flag를 설정할 수 없습니다." />
<String key="0x00130005" value="오류: stdout pipe inherit flag를 설정할 수 없습니다." />
<String key="0x00130007" value="오류: can not create read thread." />
<String key="0x00130008" value="오류: can not create write thread." />
<String key="0x0013000A" value="Error: can not create pipes for process connection." />
<String key="0x0013000C" value="Error: can not create pipes for stderr." />
<String key="0x0013000D" value="Error: can not set stderr pipe inherit flag." />
<String key="0x0013000E" value="Error: can not create output thread." />
<String key="0x00140009" value="오류: exception thrown while converting file." />
<String key="0x0014000C" value="Transcoding..." />
<String key="0x0014000E" value="오류: exception thrown while converting file." />
<String key="0x00140010" value="Output file already exists." />

Strings Main Dialog

<String key="0x00210005" value="Recurse subdirectories" />
<String key="0x0021000F" value="Invalid output path format!" />

Strings Presets Dialog

<String key="0x00220005" value="-copy" />

Strings Formats Dialog

<String key="0x00230006" value="-copy" />

Strings Tools Dialog

<String key="0x00240001" value="ERROR" />
<String key="0x00240002" value="Failed to load file!" />
<String key="0x00240003" value="Failed to save file!" />
<String key="0x00240004" value="Tool" />
<String key="0x00240005" value="-copy" />

Strings File Dialogs

<String key="0x00310008" value="Format Files" />
<String key="0x00310009" value="Tools Files" />
<String key="0x0031000A" value="Tool Files" />
<String key="0x0031000B" value="Paths Files" />

Strings Download Status

<String key="0x00400001" value="Finding resource..." />
<String key="0x00400002" value="Connecting..." />
<String key="0x00400003" value="Sending request..." />
<String key="0x00400004" value="Mime type available" />
<String key="0x00400005" value="Cache filename available" />
<String key="0x00400006" value="Begin download" />
<String key="0x00400007" value="End download" />
<String key="0x00400008" value="Status code : " />

Strings Extract Status

<String key="0x00410001" value="Failed to create unzip folder." />
<String key="0x00410002" value="Unziped downloaded file." />
<String key="0x00410003" value="Failed to unzip downloaded file." />

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